Monday, May 11, 2009

Search For Seborrheic Dermatitis Cure Still On

So far to date the seborrheic dermatitis cure has not been found. Although a lot of research does go into the finding of the seborrheic dermatitis cure, scientists may have located some things that may influence the problematic skin condition, but have not isolated their conclusions yet. They have discovered that this condition is in a small amount of people, however it is more so in those who suffer from aids and Parkinson’s disease.

Why this is so, they still don’t know either? Could it be the immune system that has been attacked to such a degree with the body going into malfunction? A brain malfunction which attacks the rest of the body to show it exists? Who knows, because the scientists don’t know either? We can only speculate, but if you thought about the skin condition, it does resemble eczema, which is based on stress or other influences showing via the skin.

Even though it seems the seborrheic dermatitis cure is still on the horizon, the use of seborrheic dermatitis shampoo does give some relief for those who have the condition higher than the forehead. This shampoo could also be used on other areas where it is needed. However there are a lot of medications over the pharmacy counters that can be used to lessen the itchiness or the flakiness on the forehead and also around the nose and on the chin area.

It cannot be nice having this skin condition, and could be an embarrassment at times too for the small amount of normal otherwise healthy people who have this condition. These people pray for any seborrheic dermatitis cure to be created or discovered, but so far nothing.

Just more and more choices of topical ointments to apply are available, but no seborrheic dermatitis cure! For those with this condition whose sebaceous glands are overworking keeping it under control is a lifelong effort. With the itchiness and the redness to contend with too, finding the right combination of creams and treatments could also pose a problem if you are allergic to any of the ingredients found in them.

If you have managed to find a cream or soap gentle enough to keep your skin clean, then excellent for you. But for those who may not know quite what is on their skin due to the cold weather, it is best to go to the dermatologist and for them to confirm your suspicions or ease your mind.

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