Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to Spot Candida Yeast Infection Symptoms

There are many people that develop Candida yeast infection symptoms and as with other health related conditions, Candida yeast infection symptoms too show up the general condition of your health and these symptoms can cause other health concerns among which putting on excess weight is a common such condition.

Most often, Candida yeast infection symptoms that lead to weight gain are seen in the form of having excessive craving for food accompanied by having problems in digesting the foods. People that in their early adulthood and also those who have never had any Candida yeast infection symptoms before will generally not know what to look out for. However, a doctor can administer a test that can help identify the presence of Candida yeast infection symptoms and often patients may also need to answer questionnaires regarding their lifestyles so that the information they provide can help pinpoint the presence of Candida yeast infection symptoms.

The most common Candida yeast infection symptoms include feeling a lot of itchiness as well as experiencing burning sensations in the outer part of the vagina. In addition, there can be some amount of redness as well as inflamed labia and in certain cases a heavy and also odorous discharge will be seen coming out of the vagina. Other common Candida yeast infection symptoms include feeling very fatigued, having intolerance to foods, experiencing loss of memory and having mental fog which leads to lower level of alertness in the mind.

Once the Candida yeast infection symptoms are identified they will then need to be treated and it is in fact better to try natural methods instead of opting to use drug-based medications. A good diet along with the right supplements can do a lot to bring the Candida yeast infection symptoms under control.

The best way to get relief from these symptoms is to let a medical practitioner supervise your treatment and help you find a yeast infection cure. Also, it is foolish to ignore the symptoms and expect them to disappear on their own because they will persist and even grow worse. Left untreated, or allowed to grow, Candida yeast infection symptoms can lead to further health complications including cancer and gonorrhea as well as genital herpes and even syphilis.

Though women suffer more from yeast infection, male yeast infection too is a problem and in fact, the symptoms for men are very similar to what a woman with yeast infection will experience. Drinking beer can often give rise to yeast infections in males and one way to avoid these symptoms is to of course curtail beer consumption.

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