Saturday, May 30, 2009

Know Stasis Dermatitis Causes and Then Find Treatment

Before dwelling on the real underlying stasis dermatitis causes it pays to first understand what stasis dermatitis is. In fact, after you have been able to find out more about this condition you will want to then study its causes and symptoms as well as know ways to treat the condition. Stasis dermatitis is of course that condition that can lead to redness on the lower parts of the legs (e.g. ankles) and in addition there is also some amount of itchiness and rashes affecting the affected areas.

The primary stasis dermatitis causes seems to be lack of proper blood circulation and more particularly lack of sufficient blood flow from the patient’s veins to the heart. Mostly, people that are in their middle years and also those that are rather elderly are typically the ones that will be most likely to be affected by stasis dermatitis.

Knows the stasis dermatitis causes can make you want to find out why the flow of blood to your legs is so poor. There are in fact several reasons for this lack of sufficient blood flowing from the lower parts of the legs to the heart and among these reasons you can include varicose veins and even blood clots. In addition, congestive heart failure too can lead to poor blood flow.

Even the presence of unwanted and extra quantities of fluid build-up in a person’s body can lead to insufficient flow of blood and this in turn is considered as being one of the main stasis dermatitis causes. This fluid build-up can make it difficult for the blood to provide cells with their food and in addition it also becomes difficult to expel waste products. The tissues in turn lack in nourishment and become fragile which is what the real stasis dermatitis causes are.

The reason why stasis dermatitis affects the ankles so much is because in that part of the body there are not enough tissues available to provide protection to the area and when the skin turns thin as well as becomes inflamed it leads to development of ulcers that do not then heal fast enough. All this then leads to development of stasis dermatitis.

The correct stasis dermatitis definition can be found in virtually every place where medicine and diseases are discussed. Even though the words used in various definitions may differ there is no arguing with the fact that stasis dermatitis is a condition in which the skin begins to swell up because of build-up of fluid and also because of lack of sufficient venous return.

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