Thursday, May 28, 2009

HPV Genital Warts Men Need To Be Treated In A Timely Manner

At the very outset, it would be proper to admit that most information regarding HPV genital warts focuses on women since they are the most likely to develop such problems. However, HPV genital warts in men are also a health concern and so needs to be understood in some detail. In case you are a man then you must take the trouble of finding out all that there is to know about HPV genital warts in men because this knowledge can help you try and prevent the condition and failing that, learn how to treat the condition should it arise.

The plain truth in regard to treating HPV genital warts among men is that unless you take timely action you as a man could leave you open to developing genital cancer though mercifully the chances of such a condition arising is rather low. The sad truth about HPV genital warts in men is that more than fifty percent of men (it is believed) that indulge in sexual activities are likely to develop HPV at some point of time or the other in their lives.

The good news is that even if you come down with HPV genital warts in men there is a good chance that the virus will clear out on its own and you won’t even notice the condition. However, there are also thirty odd different types of HPV viruses that can cause a man to develop cancer of their genitals and even anal cancer as too cancer of the penis. The only ray of hope for men is that such occurrences are rather rare and if you have a strong immune system then there is hardly anything to worry about.

There were however more than one thousand five hundred cases of HPV genital warts among men in the US related to men that later developed cancer of their penises while a slightly higher number (one thousand nine hundred and ten, it is believed) also had developed anal cancer as a consequence of being affected by HPV genital warts. Gay men are even more likely to develop HPV genital warts men related anal cancer and those who are diagnosed with HIV too are more susceptible to develop HPV genital warts men.

HPV virus genital warts are not just one single virus that you need to be worried about. In fact, there are more than forty different viruses that make up a virus family that can lead to the onset of HPV genital warts which is certainly not good news for anyone.

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