Friday, May 15, 2009

Atopic Dermatitis Cure and Possible Remedy

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that may be similar to a skin allergy. The individual's reaction to allergens manifests in the skin and the manifestations can be painful or uncomfortable for many. The skin can sometimes crack or blister while ooze or bleed during severe flares of atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis cure is not exactly a cure that can eliminate the skin condition; instead, atopic dermatitis cure is sort of managing and controlling the skin condition. Studies and research continue up to this very day regarding a more effective atopic dermatitis cure for the more severe atopic dermatitis flares.

While many dream of an atopic dermatitis cure, the truth of the matter is that there is none so far. The real way for an atopic dermatitis cure is to be extra careful when dealing with allergens. Better yet, avoid exposure to known allergens to prevent flare ups of atopic dermatitis. Words are so easy to say but the avoidance itself may be a different thing entirely. Allergens are all around us, and while many are food, there are also some which are airborne which may trigger atopic dermatitis flare ups.

Atopic dermatitis cure can also come in the form of the maintenance of mediation. Mild cases usually react positively to the application of topical steroids. One thing that should be borne in mind when using this sort of atopic dermatitis "cure" is that for every part of the body affected by atopic dermatitis, there is a different degree of the topical steroid that should be used. Sensitive areas such as the face and skin folds usually deserve the lower strength atopic dermatitis cures. On the other hand, stronger topical steroids may be used for legs and arms. In cases where the individual may have sensitive skin all over the topical steroid with lesser strength should be used.

Some people think that medication for eczema is an atopic dermatitis cure but it really isn't. it is highly similar to topical steroids in the sense that it just controls and manages the reactions that individuals have to allergens. Antihistamine oral medicines are the most common forms of medication used as atopic dermatitis cures but there are also immunomodulators that change the way the immune system reacts to allergens. Oral corticosteroids are other atopic dermatitis cures usually reserved for the more severe flare ups since there may be some undesirable side effects from this medicine.

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