Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding the Right Laser Eye Care Center

When you are spending thousands of dollars to fix your eyes up, you don't want to go to a subpar LASIK center. You want to get the most value for your money while not sacrificing any quality. Choosing the right eye care laser center can be difficult for the average patient, but there are a few signs which point to a quality center. However, the best indicator should be your gut instinct with the center. If you are not completely comfortable with a particular laser eye care center, you are under absolutely no obligation to go through with the procedure.

Many patients are understandably interested in a new technology called wavefront-guided LASIK. Traditional LASIK uses a metal blade to make a tiny cut, while all laser LASIK makes that cut with a laser, allowing for a greater level of precision. Also, wavefront-guided technology maps the eye's tiniest movements thousands of times each second, realigning the laser for optimal accuracy. While there is little analyzed data yet, the first signs are pointing to a greater level of effectiveness with this new technology, so it is some you might be interested in having in your own laser eye care center.

Perhaps more importantly though, what have other patients said of their experiences at that particular center? Most of the time, you can remain fairly unconcerned with their individual results as these vary among patients a good deal. Any eye care and laser center will perform the LASIK procedure professionally, but how is the outpatient treatment? In many ways, the recovery period is as important as the procedure itself, and patient neglect in this period can undo much of the progress made during the procedure or even give the patient further eye problems, such as dry eyes. You want to be 100% sure that the physician will guide you through all parts of the treatment, not just the procedure, with the utmost level of care that you would receive at any laser eye care center.

If you have any questions remaining, you can always schedule a sit down consultation. This will also give you a chance to judge the quality of the care you will receive at a laser eye care center for yourself instead of relying upon third party accounts and experiences. There are often seminars at these centers where doctors explain to potential patients what occurs during and after LASIK as well as guiding them through the procedure itself. Also, such seminars are useful for allowing patients to ask questions instead of scheduling an appointment.


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