Monday, April 13, 2009

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Does it Work?

People these days prefer the alternative form of medicine compared to traditional medicine due to the nature of alternative medicine. Herbal medicine treatment may actually be safer on some aspects compared to that of traditional medicine. The question of how safe herbal medicine treatment may be has not actually been answered because there are many different herbs and botanicals that have yet to be studied thoroughly before it can be sanctioned by the right people as safe and effective.

There are some herbal medicine treatments that have been found to be safe and effective but not as potent as traditional medicine. The question of potency and efficacy always arises since many doctors of traditional medicine do not recommend these forms of alternative medicines and prefer to prescribe traditional drugs and medications. There are some herbal medicine treatment reviews that actually show effective results.

Arthritis is one of the conditions that can be addressed effectively by herbal medicine treatment. There are many different herbal medicine treatments that work well for arthritis relief. Ginger is one of the herbs that can actually work for arthritis. Turmeric is a type of ginger that is also used to relieve inflammation and works well with joint pain. Other herbs that work well to treat arthritis are frankincense, stinging nettle, cayenne pepper, bromelain from pineapples and black currant oil.

St. John's Wort is one of the most recommended herbal medicine treatments for depression. There is a significant amount of positive input regarding the efficacy of St. John's Wort as an herbal remedy for depression. This herbal medicine contains hypericin which is supposed to inhibit monoamine oxidase. Monoamine oxidase has been found to contribute to depression and anxiety in people. Teas are one of the more popular forms of herbal medicine treatment for St. John's Wort. Other herbs that may have a positive effect on depression are valerian, ginseng, damiana and kava-kava.

Many people view herbal medicine treatment for anything as natural and safe. This is actually true to some extent only since there are also some risks of over dosage and adverse side effects from herbs. Not all side effects can be fatal, in fact, only a small percentage of herbs can be fatal when taken the wrong way. Most side effects are an upset stomach, nausea and some dizziness. If one experiences these side effects, it may be best to stop the consumption of the alternative medicine.

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