Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Parts to an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Every good alcohol addiction treatment program must need to address three important issues: detoxification, intervention as well as rehabilitation. What’s more, it is seldom that an alcoholic ever admits to having a drinking problem and so when advised to enter into an alcohol addiction treatment program they will generally be confrontational and adamant that they do not suffer from alcohol addiction.

Fortunately, in these times there are a number of good and very effective alcohol addiction treatment programs available that provide good level of care and counseling that ensures that the addict has a better chance of becoming free of their addiction to alcohol. According to studies on the type of addicts that enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment program it was found that when a family member or employer initiates the process, chances of success are highest.

In fact, it is a major responsibility that every family member and friend needs to shoulder in order to get the alcoholic off their addiction to alcohol. In this, they need to take the advice and help of healthcare professionals as well as of groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The intervention aspect of an alcohol addiction treatment program requires that friends and family members make a joint effort to pool their efforts into getting the alcoholic started with the program.

Intervention is of course a very important aspect to alcohol addiction treatment program and it involves getting the alcoholic to recognize their drinking problem for what it is and then to understand that there is a need of putting an end to the problem.

The second aspect to an alcohol addiction treatment program is detoxification which begins when the person is made to slowly but surely give up consuming alcohol. In this stage, the alcoholic will be under tremendous strain because the withdrawal symptoms are especially difficult to face and this also when the chances of the alcoholic quitting the program is greatest.

Finally, the alcohol addiction treatment program must include the rehabilitation process in which following the completion of the detoxification process, the alcoholic has to remain alcohol free for a longer period of time.

Without the right alcohol addiction treatment program the alcoholic will continue with their alcoholism and be at risk of suffering various ailments and perhaps even premature death.

However, these days there are several good outpatient alcohol treatment programs available that provide effective as well as more cost effective treatment. These programs allow an alcoholic to learn how to slowly give up their alcohol addiction, especially when they have reached the very depths of alcohol addiction.

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