Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finding a Natural Hair Loss Treatment

For women who experience hair loss, finding a treatment that works is critical for their day to day lives. There are not many viable treatments on the market for those who have experienced female hair loss since there has not been enough study into the issue in the past. Today, researchers are spending more time studying the issue to find solutions for both men and women who have this problem. Although the majority of the hair loss treatments are of artificial, surgical or chemical means, there are some preventative hair loss treatments that are natural.

Most natural hair loss treatments are preventative in nature. Unfortunately, hair loss that is caused by genetic predisposition to the problem cannot be helped by these means. However, there are hair loss problems that happen due to other causes that can be helped through natural hair loss treatments. One natural hair loss treatment is to ensure that the individual is getting enough protein in his diet. If there is not enough protein, then the hair follicles have a reduced ability to produce hair and may fail altogether if there is a protein deficiency over time. A related issue is a lack of iron in the system, which can cause the same types of hair loss problems in the body. Both of these issues can be solved through natural hair loss treatment, by eating a healthy diet that is full of these nutrients as well as taking supplements of protein and iron.

Another natural hair loss treatment that is preventative has to do with the types of hairstyles worn by the individual and the products used on the hair. There are some chemicals in hair dyes and permanents that can cause damage to the hair follicles, especially if used too often on the hair. In addition, using high heat equipment on the hair can cause the hair to become brittle and break off, so a natural hair loss treatment is to stay away from these products and equipment as much as possible. Stress can also cause hair loss, so reducing stress in the person's life and learning techniques to handle stress is another means of natural hair loss treatment for an individual to use in preventing hair loss. Breathing techniques, exercise and other methods are helpful in reducing stress and thus preventing hair loss due to stress. There are other methods to use if the hair is thinning to help it to look as though it is still full, but the other hair loss treatments are of a chemical or surgical nature and are not natural.

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