Thursday, April 9, 2009

Digital Hearing Aid Comparisons are a Big Help

Digital hearing aid comparisons are a great way for individuals to go about making their choice in a new hearing aid since there are so many different brands and types on the market to day. Digital hearing aids are relatively new, slowly replacing the analog hearing aids with higher technology and features that are not available in analog devices. Some hearing aid companies carry both types of hearing aids while others specialize in one or the other. There are certain features that individuals should consider when choosing a digital hearing aid, and using comparisons is an easy way to shop around from the convenience of the home before going into the store.

Digital hearing aid comparisons show the types of batteries required in various hearing aids, including which hearing aids typically get the longest life out of the digital hearing aid batteries. The types of batteries used in the digital hearing aids are the same as in the analog hearing aids, but they do not last as long in digital hearing aids because there are many more electronic parts to power. The best type of battery to get for a digital hearing aid is a rechargeable set of batteries because the cost is much less per month in the long run. Since batteries have to be replaced every five to seven days according to digital hearing aid comparisons, costing individuals about six to eight dollars per month on batteries, rechargeable batteries reduce that cost by about seventy-five percent, only costing about one dollar and seventy cents per month after the first two years have passed. The reason the first two years are more expensive is that the charger has to be bought as well which can run from seventy to one hundred thirty dollars, depending on the type.

There are other features to look at when doing a digital hearing aid comparison, such as the types of hearing aids provided by different companies. There are behind the ear, in the ear, in the canal and completely in the canal hearing aid styles. In addition, different companies offer different types of warrantees, including replacement of the hearing aid if it gets lost in some cases. There is also technology available through some companies that help individuals to have wireless capability to match their hearing aid to the Bluetooth of their cell phone. Some companies also offer better customer service than others according to digital hearing aid comparisons, and provide better options for repair work than others, such as giving individuals a loaner hearing aid to use until their hearing aid is fixed.

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