Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Different Ways to Managing Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is a deadly cancer that kills most of its patients within a year. WHO estimated almost 4,30,000 new liver cancer cases worldwide in 1990, and more than 3/4th of these cases were found in Southeast Asia. Liver cancer is more common in developing countries because access to healthcare is limited and the disease is not diagnosed on time. Most common symptom of liver cancer is abdominal pain, and it usually signifies the widespread involvement of the liver. Patient may also suffer sudden and unexplained weight loss, or fever. In developed countries, these symptoms are less common due to early diagnosis.

To treat the liver cancer, the first step is to detoxify it, and get rid of the toxic chemicals. Secondly, cells causing the cancer in the liver must be killed.

Bill Henderson Protocol is a recommended liver cancer alternative medicine approach, as it is quite gentle on liver. Scientific studies showed that it resulted in gradual recession of tumors in seriously ill cancer patients.

Essaic tea is another liver cancer alternative medicine that has alleviated, and at times, cured many degenerative and chronic conditions, as it cleanses the liver and blood, and strengthens the immune system. Essaic tea is very potent, and it is always advisable to follow the vendor’s advice when taking it to cure liver cancer.

Brandt grape cure is liver cancer alternative medicine that includes consumption of grapes, especially purple grapes with skin, as they have more than dozen nutrients responsible for killing the cancer cells. Other treatments for liver cancer include raw beet juice, MGN2, bitter melon, laetrile, mistletoe, bovine and shark cartilage, antineoplastons, bee pollen, vitamin D3, IP-6, Agaricus Blazei Murill, glutahione and Protomorphogens.

Most patients feel that complementary and liver cancer alternative medicine helps to improve immune function, reduces stress associated with the illness and keeps up the spirits. Alternative medicines can treat the cancer, or prevent it without any side-effects. They are more suitable for weaker and older patients who are unable to handle the stress associated with conventional methods and cures.

It is important to inform the doctor before choosing any kind of alternative medicine, as it can interfere with the regular methods, and can also adversely affect the body. Choose the alternative medicine clinic carefully, and make sure that the practitioner is licensed for the practice. Ask questions, and be aware of all the possible side-effects. Keep your expectations realistic, and maintain the faith.

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