Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alternative Medicine and Skin Cancer Treatment

Most people think of cancer as a single disease and a single cause. Any illness that is caused due to exceptional growth of cells in the body is given the name of cancer. However, before the cells become cancerous, many control mechanisms need to be controlled or damaged.

Cancer alternative medicine may include massage therapy, dietary supplements, special teas, herbal preparations, megadose vitamins, acupuncture, spiritual healing, magnet therapy and meditation. Herbals, organics, vitamins, nutrition therapy and chemicals are meant for injecting or ingesting, whereas meditation, chiropractic, massage, body-mind therapy, prayer and acupuncture require a therapist or practitioner. Some of the most commonly used alternative medicines are skin cancer alternative medicine, liver cancer alternative medicine and bladder cancer alternative medicine

Skin cancer is growth of abnormal cells that invade and destroy other skin cells. Skin cancer can be melanoma or non-melanoma.

Cancer alternative medicine or CAM is a group of diverse health care and medical systems, products and practices that are not currently a part of conventional medicine. Complementary medicine is used in conjunction with conventional medicine, whereas, skin cancer alternative medicine is used in place of the conventional medicine.

Aim of skin cancer alternative medicine is to prevent the skin cancer rather than treating it. Vitamins prevent sunburns, and hence, skin cancer. Taking Vitamin C and E can also prevent sunburns. Topical application of 1% vitamin E and 15% vitamin C for four days provides significant protection from sunburns.

Before opting for cancer alternative medicine, it is important to learn the results of scientific studies for the therapy under consideration. Understanding the risks of the treatment, benefits provided and scientific evidence supporting them is critical. Not much research has been done on skin cancer alternative medicine, hence it may not be possible to get all the information. This field is still being explored, and many studies are going to find out about their effectiveness in the long run.

To reduce the incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer, avoid the exposure to sun. Check the skin every month for any kind of unusual lesions, and make sure to wear sunscreen whenever going out in the sun.

Most of the insurance companies do not cover skin cancer alternative medicine. It is also important to discuss any kind of alternative medicine with your doctor, as some of these techniques may interfere with the standard treatment and have adverse effects.

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