Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Alcohol Addiction Rehabs Are Must

Alcohol addiction is chronic consumption of alcohol without any control over the amount consumed. Mood swings, excessive drinking are some of the symptoms of alcohol addiction. Help centers or de-addiction centers which helps a person in kicking off alcohol addiction are known as alcohol addiction rehabs. The reason why alcohol addiction is becoming so rampant is its availability. Also, compared to other addictive substance, alcohol is completely legal and can be purchased by anybody with valid credentials. This has led alcohol to become one of the most abused substances. The number of people becoming alcohol addicts is also increasing day by day, which has resulted in need of alcohol addiction rehab or rehabilitation centers.

All the alcohol addicts cannot be treated at par. The degree of addiction varies from person to person depending on his social and financial standing. This means that alcohol addiction rehabs are also of different types.

- Residential Alcohol Addiction Rehabs
This type of alcohol addiction rehab is meant for long term as well as short term de-addiction programs. Environment in residential alcohol addiction rehabs is such that it helps the patients admitted there in expediting the healing process. These type of rehabs have round the clock doctors and psychotherapists.

- Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehabs
These are meant for alcohol addicts with moderate or severe substance abuse problems. However, these alcohol addiction rehabs are most suited for addicts who can maintain long sobriety periods. Such rehabs usually have a hospital like setting and are quiet expensive. Inpatient alcohol addiction rehabs follow one of the most rigorous medical standards and are considered to be the safest.

-Outpatient Alcohol Addiction Rehabs
This rehab is meant for addicts who cannot stay sober for longer, hence need to check into an alcohol addiction rehab every now and then. Usually such kinds of addicts have moderate substance abuse cases. Ideal for addicts who have regular job, are primary caretakers of children and most importantly have extensive support of friends and family. Outpatient alcohol addiction rehabs are also ideal for addicts who have just been released from residential or inpatient rehabs.

-Teen Alcohol Addiction Rehabs
These are specialty rehabs meant for teen alcoholic addicts. Since teens in the age group of 12 to 20 have sensitive minds and are physically and emotionally fragile, special care and attention is needed by them. Teen alcohol addiction rehabs provide exactly that. These rehabs also conduct boot camps and brat camps for teens struggling with alcohol addiction. Quiet expensive compared to other rehabs.

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