Saturday, August 15, 2009

Overcoming a Junk Food Addiction

Today, there are many places to look for food addiction help. There are many different books, magazines and websites that offer valuable tips and insights to help to overcome this type of a problem. Junk food addictions are more and more common as there are junk food aisles in grocery stores, fast food places in almost every corner, and many other convenience stores and gas stations that offer quick, unhealthy food choices. Because this is the case, junk food addictions take a lot of determination and planning to overcome. Lifestyle changes must be made in order to overcome a junk food addiction, and many people are not willing to go that far to do so. In many cases, the junk food addiction will develop into serious health issues where the person becomes obese or turns to bulimia to purge the junk food from her body.

When a person has a junk food addiction, the first thing she needs to do when she decides to make a change is to seek help. This help could be from a good friend or family member who she trusts to be truthful yet compassionate as she goes through the process of breaking the addiction, or it could be a counselor or sponsor from a program designed to help with this issue. Breaking the silence is always an important first step because addictions thrive where there is secrecy. Breaking the silence also forces the individual to admit she needs help, which is another place addictions thrive – independence.

Another part of breaking a junk food addiction is to figure out ways to avoid those places where she commonly buys the food. She might have to take her friend with her to the grocery store if she buys candy bars or other treats there along with the other groceries and then eats them on the way home or stashes them for future consumption. She will usually have to plan alternate routes to get to the places she needs to go each day so that she does not drive by the restaurants that she likes to buy her junk food from. She will need to make a vow to herself to call her partner in the process whenever she feels the urge to go and buy the junk food so that she can be encouraged in her determination to break the junk food addiction. She will also have to vow to herself to be honest with her partner, and to also be gracious and forgiving of herself when she messes up. In this way, she can begin to break the cycle of the junk food addiction, rather than playing into the guilt and despair that escalates the addictive behavior.

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