Monday, August 10, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Internet Addiction

When the internet was invented, it was meant to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other. And surely internet has achieved that objective. But no body would have thought that it would also create a new species of addicts called internet addicts. The way internet addiction is spreading is truly alarming, especially among teens. Parent’s now are not only worried about drug and alcohol addiction, they are also worried about their kids getting addicted to internet. The question on near and dear one’s of internet addicts is – how to stop internet addiction.

First let us understand what are the signs on internet addiction, then we will discuss how to stop internet addiction. If one spends most of his waking hours surfing the net, without any specific agenda then we say the person is addicted to internet. Now this aimless internet surfing can be on social networking sites, blogs, online game sites, auction and pornographic sites. Moreover separation from internet makes you very anxious and you try to stay away from social gatherings. If these are the characteristics you observe, then the person is definitely an internet addict and these are the signs of internet addiction.

How to stop internet addiction cannot be answered straight away as experts are still trying to figure out what exactly causes internet addiction.

- Set time limits on the time you spend on internet. If you use internet for your work purpose, then spending eight hours a day is fine or if your job requires, you can work longer. But if you are spending most of the time gaming, gambling, chatting, then put curbs on that. This is how you stop internet addiction.

- Try to cut down your RSS subscriptions. You may not at all need that amount of RSS subscriptions. Instead, try to keep only quality subscriptions or of blogs that you read regularly. This way you will cut down the time spent on internet and this is how you stop internet addiction.

- Put yourself under scanner. Whenever you visit a site create a log of it mentioning how much time you have spent on this site. Do this for few days. Than analyze it figure out yourself, how much of it is waste time. This is one of the best ways to stop internet addiction.

- If you really need professional help, the visit a hypnotist, who will help you to overcome internet addiction. But keep it as a last resort. The question is not how to stop internet addiction, the question is how you help yourself out of it.

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