Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Introduction To Cellulite

Cellulite is a substance that is quite lumpy and which looks like cottage cheese and which shows up on a person’s thighs and stomach as well as on the buttocks. This is caused by fat collecting and pushing against connective tissues that reside just below the surface of the skin and which then lead to the skin developing dimples or puckering up and which then creates a lumpy appearance.

The best way to identify the presence of cellulite is by giving a pinch to the skin in the vicinity of your upper thighs. In case this part of the body appears to be lumpy then you can suspect having a problem though in this you won’t be alone because many women and even girls as well as men report having this condition.

There are quite a few factors that can lead to developing cellulite including your genes as well as your gender and how much fat there is present in your body. In addition, age and skin thickness too play a part in the development of the problem.

Once you realize having a cellulite problem you will then need to look for treatment options. Unfortunately, there are no miracle products that can make the condition disappear overnight though you will come across products that profess to do just this.

One method of getting rid of cellulite, liposuction which is a surgery that helps to remove the excess fat is worth trying out and so too is another option called mesotherapy that involves being injected by drugs that too will help do the same. But, these options are very expensive and will provide temporary relief at best.

Your doctor might warn you that even liposuction might not effectively help in getting rid of cellulite as it is mainly designed to help in the removal of deep fat and not cellulite which is a condition that occurs very close to your skin.

A better option in regard to removing cellulite is to first get rid of as much unnecessary fat from your body which of course means cutting down on calories and doing more exercises. Of course, if your skin color is dark then the presence of cellulite will be less noticeable, but that is no relief.

For women that wish to be free of their cellulite using anti cellulite lingerie may be an option worth considering. There is lingerie called Bio-Fir that helps to improve the body shape and is worth trying out. This range of lingerie items has been proven scientifically to considerably help in reducing cellulite and in promoting weight loss in just one month.

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