Friday, June 5, 2009

An Explanation of Acute Spongiotic Dermatitis

Skin irritations and disorders come in the form of both dermatitits and eczema and acute spongiotic dermatitis is just another more severe form of eczema. Little blisters or vesicles form on the skin and it is the size of these vesicles that determine the difference between subacute spongiotic dermatitis and acute spongiotic dermatitis. In the case of acute spongiotic dermatitis the vesicles are smaller and abnormal thickening of the prickle-cell layer of the skin is way less marked than in subacute spongiotic dermatitis.

You may have heard of spongiotic dermatitis with eosinophils and may find this a disturbing terminology. Eosinophils do present in certain allergic infections and acute spongiotic dermatitis is invariably related to various allergens which means that this long terminology just describes a specific variation of acute spongiotic dermatitis in a little more detail and, as such, should not distress you if you are suffering from acute spongiotic dermatitis.

If you have a history of allergies in your family and you have a particularly sensitive skin, then you may well be prone to skin disorders yourself. If you have suffered from eczema outbreaks then you cannot rule out developing acute spongiotic dermatitis at some stage. Although this skin irritation can be contracted at relatively young ages, the absence of youthful outbreaks does not preclude you from suffering in later life. You can do a much to avoid outbreaks or flare ups by taking such preventative measures as avoiding those things which cause irritation to the skin. This could be anything from harsh chemical formulae in washing powder to the actual fabric of the cloth against your skin. You know best what itches and scratches and you need to avoid this as it could trigger the eczema outbreak known as acute spongiotic dermatitis.

Acute spongiotic dermatitis need not be debilitating nor the reason for remaining indoors avoiding the public eye! It is unpleasant to have itchy little blisters form on various parts of the body and it can be unsightly when an attack is severe which is why you need to do your best to avoid any flare ups.

The condition occurs predominantly on the chest, stomach and your rear end which means effectively that, while sitting can be uncomfortable, the ugly red rash cannot be seen by others - Scant comfort to sufferers when the itch is at its severest but comfort still in that no-one can actually see the rash if you dress appropriately. Taking the appropriate action as soon as you experience itchiness is always a good idea.

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