Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some Facts About Plaque Psoriasis

A person who notices red and raised as well as scaly areas on their skin that also burn and itch a lot is in all probability suffering from plaque psoriasis. What’s more, the areas most affected include the knees and elbows as well as scalp and even the trunk of the body. Furthermore, plaque psoriasis is so common that as many as ninety percent of people suffering from psoriasis will also be likely to suffer from this form of psoriasis.

When it occurs, plaque psoriasis may often last for a few weeks or even for months after which the symptoms disappear and if they then return once more the condition is deemed as being chronic. According to research findings, plaque psoriasis occurs because of an immune system malfunction which causes the production of excess amounts of T-cells in the blood that in turn will lead to formation of raised skin patches.

People that have family history of psoriasis will be more likely to be affected by plaque psoriasis. The treatment of plaque psoriasis involves taking of ENBREL that will work well for adults who are suffering from severe to moderate instances of plaque psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis can also develop at any age though it does seem to affect adolescents the most though it also affects young people and even those that are still in their middle years are not spared. Furthermore, the condition occurs in different severities and the duration too varies though it does cause a lot of itchiness and there is also chance that new lesions might develop about a week or two after an injury to your skin.

In children, plaque psoriasis is different than in the case of adults and the plaque is generally thinner and lesions are not all that scaly. About ten to twenty percent of plaque psoriasis patients will also develop psoriatic arthritis. The first line of defense is to use topical treatments. Even emollients are recommended as they help in softening the scaling and help reduce irritation as well.

If not treated in time, plaque psoriasis can lead to a person losing their self-confidence and they will generally also feel very embarrassed because of the ugliness of their skin condition. It is necessary to also understand that a psoriasis remedy that you try out will work differently for different persons. This means that you need to check out several different remedies so that you are able to identify the best treatment for your particular condition.

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