Monday, February 23, 2009

Using Back Pain Therapy to Ease Your Discomfort

If you have back pain, the first thing you should do is rest. Don't exert yourself physically for several days. Usually this is enough for the pain to go away. Even though it's a good idea to rest for a day or two during an episode of back pain, it's not good to remain inactive for too long a period of time. This will often make the condition even worse. Actually, physical therapy that is targeted to back pain treatment consists of movement. Over time, these exercises help to restore the healthy condition of your spine, as well as the adjacent muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Over the counter anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications are a great short term choice to help ease the discomfort of back pain. But pharmaceuticals won't actually deal with the underlying reasons for your back pain. That's why you need back pain therapy if you want your spine and supporting structure to improve.

Back pain therapy includes exercises for stretching and strengthening the spinal column, as well as your back muscles and ligaments. Low impact aerobic exercises are also part of the treatment. A back stretching table can provide further benefits. Of course, the treatment will vary depending on the cause of the condition and the amount of pain and discomfort you're experiencing. Only undertake a program of this nature under the supervision of your doctor or a licensed physical therapist. This process much be carefully managed if you don't want to make the problem worse.

The goal of back pain therapy is to ease your discomfort and teach you how to keep your spine and back muscles in better condition. You will learn how to carefully exercise your back without the help of a physical therapist. Once you achieve this, the chances of the problem reoccurring are considerably lowered.

In certain instances, rehabilitative exercises aren't enough to cure the condition. Sometimes a visit to the chiropractor is a useful component of back pain therapy. If all else fails and your pain is undiminished, your doctor might suggest surgery to treat your severe back pain.

Back pain therapy, however, should go beyond the basic treatment options of exercise, chiropractic adjustment or surgery. Lifestyle changes are an important part of the process as well. For example, if you are significantly overweight, you are putting increased pressure on your spine and its supporting muscles. If this describes you, it's important that your back pain therapy includes a healthy weight loss program. Really, your back should be strong and supportive enough to bear the weight of a healthy person.

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